Lightning Network Explained

Crypto currencies solve a number of problems in finances: self-managed security of assets, true ownership of funds, trustless transactions, and (hopefully someday) a truly world-wide system of money that eliminates the need for cross-border exchanges. This is an excellent foundation to build

Atomic Swaps

In essence, Atomic Swaps will enable interoperability between Bitcoin and altcoins without the need of centralized exchanges. At the moment, swapping one coin for another is mostly settled through the use of an exchange or by setting up a person to person

Paper Wallets Explained

Intro Any search of storage options for crytptocurrency will return an avalanche of links and opinions, but it is easy to get confused by the terminology, and the many options are mired in seemingly unending discussions and contradictory advice over which method

An introduction to Crypto

What is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency refers to digital currency, an online cash system which functions as both a decentralised store of wealth and a secure digital payments system that is situated in the digital world. The first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, created by ‘Satoshi

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