Lightning Network Explained

Crypto currencies solve a number of problems in finances: self-managed security of assets, true ownership of funds, trustless transactions, and (hopefully someday) a truly world-wide system of money that eliminates the need for cross-border exchanges. This is an excellent foundation to build

What is MAST?

By Casey Burgwald/ While blockchain technology, the underlying framework of almost every cryptocurrency project, is very impressive and useful by itself, it’s still in its infancy both in terms of adoption and development. Many newer projects boast additional features beyond the basic

An Introduction to Mining

Article by David Clark / Mining is an essential function of most cryptocurrencies. It is the miners that process  transactions between the users of a cryptocurrency as well as creating new blocks on the blockchain. The actual process of mining uses computing

Atomic Swaps

In essence, Atomic Swaps will enable interoperability between Bitcoin and altcoins without the need of centralized exchanges. At the moment, swapping one coin for another is mostly settled through the use of an exchange or by setting up a person to person

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